Friday, October 9, 2009

Not the prize I was hoping for.

There is little I can say that others haven't already said today. A peace prize for someone who has polarized our country, set race relations back 50 years, and grossly misrepresented his beliefs to get get elected. . . ?

I sort of thought the Nobel Peace Prize would go to a man of character. No?

Obviously not.


Opus #6 said...

Back in the day, maybe.

Today, Obama is right at home in the ranks of Arafat and Carter.

Joe said...

President BO has lots of character...all of it bad.

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Janie it's very odd that even in their own wording, the Nobel committee said they awarded Oblama based on what he *wants* to do. He hasn't accomplished anything except what you've already outlined!

Susannah said...

I want to nominate Janie Lynn for this award next year! Man-o-man, she runs a cool blog!

I'd been here before, but couldn't find my way back...until a little bird led me back.

Keep up the good work, gal. We've all gotta do something, right?