Sunday, November 8, 2020

How Did We Get Here?

This blog was created when Barack Obama was voted into office. Voting against him then was a vote against a nanny government and socialism-light. It wasn’t about color, no matter how many times that accusation was made about those of us on the right. After Obamacare was passed, and Obama was re-elected, blogging felt useless. I never had many followers anyway and it seemed that all the talking went nowhere. 

Now, we deplorables are more angry than any events during Obama’s terms caused. We elected Donald J. Trump to the presidency and beat back Hillary Clinton in a resounding defeat. I’ll admit I wasn’t on board until DJT won the nomination, and was skeptical even then. But I did vote for him and watched him evolve from a businessman/showman, into a president who cares deeply about our nation and its people. 

The left never accepted him and put him through more than any one person should be expected to take. But he took it and kept on going, despite daily attacks from the main stream media and an impeachment based on lies and bogus ‘evidence’. He still got more done in 4 years than any president ever has in 8. 

I am grateful for President Trump. He showed what is possible when someone simply fights for the American people without focus testing every idea and word, and by making decisions based on what is best for the country, not the party. 

Now the left is trying to take him away from us. There are court challenges, recounts, and runoffs in some down-ballot races, while the media is calling Joe ‘President-elect’ and talking about his transition. Mitt Romney and other rinos are calling for DJT to concede ‘for the good of the country’. 

Did the left do ANYTHING for the good of the country for the last 4 years!?! Nope. Right now what IS good for the country is making sure this election has been fair and above-board. Republicans need to remember how President Trump has worked his butt off for us and them, and they need to support him until the counting and court decisions are done. 

If anyone deserves our support and loyalty right now, it is President Donald J. Trump. He has mine, I am all in.