Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whoopi is playing cards with racists!

It's very apparent that while many conservative bloggers write very smart and well researched posts, I write emotional ones. Lately I haven't posted much at all until something reaches a fever pitch (and that may only be in my brain) and I feel gray matter threatening to decorate my walls if I don't just say something.

It's probably more just putting it down in writing that helps, but whatever.

This time it's the freaking race card. ARGH-H-H!!! Apparently Whoopi felt justified in playing it today because doggone it - someone finally backed the president into a corner and made him produce his long form birth certificate and then had the nerve to question how he got into Harvard if he was a crappy student! It's TRUMP for goodness sakes! He has more nerve than anyone!

Trump said something today that I wanted to plant a big wet one on top of his swirly haired head for. Reporters were peppering him with questions after he responded to hearing about the birth certificate, with barely disguised hostility, I might add. Trump made a remark about how the press "is very protective of the president".


So here's my beef. Why is it so hard to believe that people dislike Obama so much because of his policies, his unparalleled arrogance (okay, Trump is right up there) and his unwillingness to listen to the people of the United States because he has an agenda and thinks he just knows better than we do? And the fact that the whole mainstream media protects the average viewer from anything that makes the president look bad, in stark contrast to when they highlighted anything and everything (and even made some things up) that made president Bush look bad and oh my gosh - stupid???

So yes, people are looking for what they can to discredit Obama because the press isn't investigative (apparently) anymore and are painting Obama as the happy, shiny president, and not the one that flat out lies - on-camera and in print - to the American people! Or maybe people are frightened of a president who is making our nation weak in the eyes of the world and is ruining our economy because he is incompetent and ineffective and people don't want him in office one minute longer than he has to be? Just maybe?

So Whoopi reached her limit today (much like I did) and proclaimed she was playing the race card now.

Well congrats Whoopi. You just joined the others that can't see past the color of someones skin and can't think a tiny bit outside the box to figure out some other reason people might be unhappy with an elected official.

So, just who is the racist in this equation?


Monday, April 4, 2011

When is enough, enough?

I am at a loss. The moron pastor in Florida had every right to burn the Koran. Just like people have the right to conduct civil demonstrations in our nation's streets. People even have the right to burn our flag here at home. But what kind of animals rush into a building and kill people who are there to help them, simply because they represent the "infidels" who offended them?

It's to the point that I just want to bring our people home, pull up the drawbridge and put some gators in the moat. Tired. Tired of every nation around the world yelling for the U.S. to come to their aid when there is a crisis. Tired of us responding and policing the world for people who hate us and have no gratitude. We are not going to win them over. We are not bringing democracy to them. They don't understand democracy. Hell, they don't understand human decency, let alone democracy.


There are Christians being persecuted all around the globe. Who is helping them? We're practically throwing Israel to the Palestinians, what used to be up is down. And God forbid - what used to be down is now up.

What good did President Hamid Karzai think it would do to decry the act of that evil American who dared to disrespect Islam by burning the Koran? Did he think his people would be all "oh those silly Americans, always goofing around", or did he KNOW his people would be enraged and would take vengeance on the closest western targets they could get their hands on?

I'm no foreign relations expert, but something tells me that wasn't the act of a friend to our country.

Did we grab the nearest Pakistani and behead them when Daniel Pearl was killed? Or did we have a ridiculous national discussion about whether or not anyone should participate in the Internet fueled "draw Mohamed day"? Why do we cower before their bullying?

We don't understand the minds of people so willing to kill other human beings and also willing to die themselves.

Can we drill for our own oil, develop other sources of energy too, and stop dealing with the devil? Can we get a new administration in Washington that isn't mincing around and caving to every politically correct breeze that blows in? How about an administration that actually loves the United States of America, the constitution, and the Judeo-Christian beliefs our nation was founded on?

I am tired of grieving for our people. Our people who are losing their own culture (I saw a sign the other day asking people to give "spring" baskets to needy children, really??) in an effort to not offend others. Our people who die for other cultures in other countries and barely receive a thank you in return and more likely receive a knife in the back as soon as it is turned. I don't want to grieve for our people anymore. Come home. It's time to save ourselves from people who do not want our help and have proved time and again they do not deserve it.