Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Anger, petulance, and .. hostage takers?

I'm not sure why I continue to be surprised by this president. Just when he has an opportunity to be generous and/or gracious he just. can't. do it. He is an angry, bitter man.

Was it possible for him to have a press conference about continuing the Bush tax cuts without devolving into an 'us and them' mentality? Apparently not. Was it possible for the president to give the Republicans and the people something they need and want without being grudging and petulant? Apparently not. Was it even possible to discuss the issue at hand without trying to prove how scrappy and tough he is? Um.. no.

And Democrats out there are losing their minds! I was listening to the radio today and heard a clip from MSNBC - it was a woman saying that now we are going to be borrowing money to give to the wealthiest Americans. Excuse me?? We're going to borrow money to give to the people who are simply being allowed to keep more of their own money? Because it IS their own money! Why do people so conveniently forget that? That money belongs to the people who earn it, not to the government that takes it and wastes it.

So the logic is, not taking more money from the people it belongs to adds to the deficit. STOP SPENDING!!!!!! No one is GIVING money to the wealthy, but the government IS giving a hell of a lot of money to the unemployed! It kind of makes you feel relaxed doesn't it - that if you righteously get laid off or screw up and get fired .. you'll have a comfortable three years to find another job! So yeah, stay home for a year, work on your tan or your abs .. cook meals and get reacquainted with your family. On OUR dime. Nice!

Being out of work is starting to sound better all the time! Unfortunately we are paying people to not work. Most of us know someone .. lost their job a year ago, has taken a couple of jobs for cash so they didn't lose their full unemployment benefit or, either did not apply for lower paying jobs than they wanted, or turned them down if they were offered. Because they are damn comfortable with that free money. I do not believe someone cannot find a job in 2 years. I do believe someone very well might not find the job they WANT in 2 years. That's an entirely different thing.

The left is screaming, some of the right is too. Nobody is satisfied with what they are getting, if this turns out to be the deal. I'm pretty sure the left has never been so far from the right in history. The way the facts are twisted on a daily basis is disheartening and contributing to the polarizing of America.

Where is our leader? The person who is supposed to make decisions that are best for the people and true to American culture and ideals? Where is that leader who is graceful in defeat and above purely political decisions on matters of national defense and proposals to strengthen a faltering economy?

Because he's not in the White House now. The man in the white house is an empty suit of a man/child who cannot fathom that everyone doesn't see things his way and isn't willing to play by his rules because he is making them up as he goes along.

It's time for the man to take his bat and ball and go home. Please Mr. President, become the hero you want to be. Resign. You are incompetent.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time for the truth


Okay, I do want President Obama out of office.  My dream would be that he would wake up tomorrow morning and say - "I'm done."  Then give a speech saying how much he sucks and how badly he's been doing his job.  BUT I know that's not going to happen so I'll wait until 2012.  I don't wish for anything other than an election to take him out, unless of course someone manages to find his Watergate and he's shamed out, that wouldn't be too bad either.  Okay, let's just say I would settle for just about anything that gets him out of office that is legal and causes no physical harm.  I didn't say anything about ethics.  Ahem.

But when I saw that fat lip the other day, saw BO walking with that gauze in his hand, there was a teeny tiny part of me that was like - "aw-w-w-w .. why couldn't it have been me who caused that accident!!?!"  I mean - there have been a few things he has done over the last couple of years I would have loved to pop him in the mouth for.  For LYING to the American people maybe?  But no.  I never wished him harm.

Still, I'm enjoying the fat lip vicariously, hoping there was a little more than a basketball elbow behind it. 

Is that wrong?

Because I really don't care.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our bird is the magnificent bald eagle - as Americans - it's time to fly!


No one was more surprised on September 11th 2001 than I was. I was not politically aware and had only a vague idea of what and where the World Trade Center was. Most of us were in shock, our world had shifted on it's axis and thrown us totally off kilter. Not surprisingly so.

It was a huge and horrific event, and like George W. Bush said when he heard the third plane hit the pentagon - I knew it was a declaration of war.
For days afterward I spoke to my teenage kids about what happened. To me it just didn't seem that they grasped the enormity of what had just occurred. I wanted them to get it, to absorb it, to deal with the
feelings involved in something so catastrophic. Still, it seemed more surface to them, as if they were not as surprised as I was and were taking it in stride.

Because of the school he went to my son was a captive audience for me every week day for about 20 minutes to school and 20 minutes back, as I drove him to school on my way to work and picked him up at his grandparents house on my way home. I had the same concerns everyone else did about the lost and missing loved ones, the grieving families left behind. Watching TV whenever possible fed my need for information, and caused me to cry over and over for all of those Americans forever scarred by the actions of so few.

And over and over again I asked why. And honestly to this day I still don't understand why.

But, with air traffic shut down for days I remember saying to my son on the way home one evening "y'know, they killed a lot of people, and for whatever reason they want to kill us all. But what they are really going to do is kill us economically."

Now if you know me you know I'm no Stephen Hawking, but that one fact was as clear to me as my own name. The airline industry is huge, and it affects every corner of our economy. There isn't a single business that does not require supplies of some sort, commerce in general requires travel, the ability to move people, things, and ideas from one side of the globe to the other. And the airline industry has not been the same since September 11th.

I'm not fond of flying these days. Never liked it much anyway but if we don't fly, even in protest of the intrusiveness of the body scans and enhanced pat-downs, we are hurting the airline industry as surely as if
we brought a plane down ourselves. Please keep flying. Don't let them win. Their aim is to destroy our economy and the airline industry was a smart place for them to start. It touches everything.

Find another way to protest the government intrusion. And keep flying. We're Americans, no one should be able to keep us on the ground if we want to fly. Do it.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Generalities do TOO count!

It is amazing that a group of people not representing any particular country, not representing a certain government or nationality, not even the majority in the religion they fight for - is holding the world hostage.

The debate going on right now about touching people's "junk" or getting the body scans is all about Muslim extremists. Our own citizens are being treated like criminals in the name of safety, springing from an obscene and desperate necessity. We don't want to die.

It is really hard not to paint all Muslims with the same broad brush. Americans do not understand Islam, it's teachings are completely foreign to us. In the simplest terms because I'm a simple gal, God is good. God is different things to different people but in the American culture it really is simple. God is about love, hope, faith, and charity. And please, don't go all Old Testament on me here, I am speaking in generalities. We do not understand a religion that generates such hate and such violence.

Islam does not make sense to us, it clashes with all we know of religion and belief in God, it's tenants the total opposite of what we learned as children and heard preached from pulpits in temples and churches across our land. And because it does not make sense to us we have no frame of reference to say oh - this group has chosen to follow this part of the Koran and that group interprets the Koran in a totally different way. And because so few Muslim groups stand along side Americans in outrage when acts of terrorism have occurred, it is hard for us to not be suspicious of them, uncomfortable and sometimes, afraid.

The more we are restricted and man-handled and feel we are losing our rights to things as personal as our own bodies, the less we are apt to feel kindly toward Muslims in general.

Because we freaking cannot tell the difference between a Muslim that will hurt us and one that won't!

And it is simple self-preservation that we feel the need to mistrust those we cannot fathom, and those we see as being the ones responsible for causing us pain. They do not wear a sign that identifies them as a friendly Muslim or a frothing at the mouth crazy Jihadist nutbag Muslim.

I'm sorry but I just wish they would go. OH THE HORROR! My brothers would be so appalled. But I do. I'm tired of feeling like a racist when I worry about whether or not someone I love will be blown to bits while doing something as innocuous as shopping for Christmas gifts. I don't want to feel I have to change my way of life because someone wants to kill me and would delight in cutting off my head while rolling video. There is a part of me that wishes we could pull the virtual covers over our heads as a nation and not have to let anyone else in - and start a steady stream of Muslims on their way out.

I can't apologize for feeling that way either, because I wouldn't mean it. I can say I'm sorry if I hurt some one's sensibilities but that doesn't change the way I feel. I am so tired of people wanting to destroy us simply because we exist and feeling like we have to be on guard all the time.

Oh to be 11 years old again, riding my sting-ray down the street with no hands, with no worries beyond crashing my bike. I don't like what our lives have become and while I don't generally like to play the blame game, damn it, it is Muslims that have brought us here. I just wish they didn't like it here anymore.


Thursday, November 11, 2010



Had some family in town recently, doesn't matter which ones, they are all liberals.  One of my brothers made a remark about George Bush going into Iraq because his dad didn't get the opportunity to finish the job there so doggone it - he was going to.  *crickets*  Yes, he really did say that.  Today a coworker said she had seen George Bush on TV the other day but "he's just not articulate, I couldn't watch him."  Really?? 

Dubya is all over the TV right now because he's selling his book.  My copy came yesterday, I pre-ordered it.  I did not agree with everything George Bush did.  I did not like the way he did some things.  But I liked and I respected him.  I cannot say that about his successor.  I thought I would illustrate some of the reasons I liked President Bush.

He was real.

He could throw a baseball without looking like a girl. 
No offence to the girls out there.

He was a cowboy and a leader when we needed one.

George Bush touched people.

He kissed babies.

President Bush liked people, and I never got the
feeling it was just a photo op.

Also - I'm pretty sure he knew how to use one of these.

He respected and loved the military,

..and they him.

He graciously wished his successor well, and did not flinch when
Obama turned around and blamed everything on him just minutes later.

George Bush had press conferences and actually took questions.

He wasn't too cool for the Easter Bunny.

He wore his heart on his sleeve, loved this country, and was
simply a decent man who deeply respected the office he held.

Also - there were some moments when he
reminded me of Johnny Carson.  And I miss him too.


Monday, October 11, 2010

A small gift, a huge promise

My office er .. roomate at work had to go out east for a week and brought back this little defective bell as a gift for me.  I know, right?  I set it on it's tiny box and decided it would stay there. 

My defective bell stands for liberty which means more to me right now than at any other time in my life.  I took a couple of pics and then realized I had set it right next to one of my little army men.  Don't all office workers have little army men on their desks?  Anyway.  The juxtoposition of them both I thought was perfect.  One makes the other possible.


We need to take heart where we can, absorb our strength and keep moving forward.  We CAN take our country back.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why people vote

Radio stations in my office are limited. My office mate listens to 'oldies' all day long, most of which I know the words to which tells you something. But that's not what I want to listen to. And of course none of the stations that carry the programs that appeal to me - will come in on any regular radio inside our building.

So I downloaded TSL Mobile Talk Radio on my iPhone and it has been a God send. At any given time during the day I can listen to whoever is on - be it Glenn, Sean, Rush, or one of my favorites, John Gibson. Surprised me, but I like to listen to him. Actually he's on Fox News Radio, but I digress.

Which brings me to my point. Why people are voting. John was trying to get his audience to think about whether it is racism to vote for someone because of their race, if it is considered racism to not vote for someone because of their race. Because whether they want to admit it or not, a lot of black voters are still supporting Obama, regardless of the fact that he has done nothing, zip, to help them. So what other reason besides the fact that - he's their guy?

Late in the day I received a call from a lady I have worked with off and on for 20 years. We were discussing work and how our helpdesk just got outsourced to India, and how distressing it is. We were ending our call when she said "well just be careful who you vote for."

We did the dance for a bit "well ... I'm thinking this is a conversation we don't want to have, not a good idea to talk politics ..."

"Yeah, I agree but .. "

"Because I'm rabid. Okay? I cannot stand Obama and I think he's the worst president we've ever had." I said it.

"Really? I ... wouldn't have thought it of you." What? Am I a pedophile or something? Because the way she said it - it sounded that bad.

She proceeded to tell me how she will never vote republican because of George Bush. I started to tune her out while she spewed all the half truths and old grievances against Dubya. And I finally said "Bush isn't running."

"Doesn't matter .. I wouldn't vote republican, my husband voted for him and I didn't talk to him for weeks!"

"You're an election behind. Bush didn't run in the last election and won't run in the next!" I was getting exasperated. "Obama is a freaking socialist. Besides which he SO doesn't have a clue ..."

"Well the problem is people only listened to the campaign talk, they didn't ask for specifics - maybe if Obama had run 10 to 15 years later he would do better but he's in over his head. And he's an idealist."

I told her she was edging toward the tea party side and she said "yeah, a little."

"Well you know the tea party candidates will be running as republicans, right?"

"No ..."

"Yes, if they run as a separate party they'll split the vote and the democrats will win."


It made me angry that she is still so mad at George Bush, that even though she grudgingly agrees Obama is not the best, she still doesn't want to vote republican.

People need to educate themselves for this election. Listen to the radio - watch TV, read - listen to all sides and see what makes sense to you. Because one side or the other side will make sense to you. But for God's sake don't vote a certain way because you hated the other guy who isn't even running, and don't vote for or against someone because of their race.

And in these times, if you can't be bothered to learn the issues and the candidates stances on them and what those things will do to our country - DON'T VOTE! Please. Don't vote.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who are these people?

It took over 400 groups and organizations to bring the numbers to Washington D.C. that Glenn Beck got all by himself. And they insist on saying we, the conservatives in America, are the minority. But the groups rallying against us are organized and dangerous to our freedom and would give more power to the government than at any time in our history. One Nation Working Together (you notice they stop short of "under God") was the primary group behind todays march on Washington.

Project of the Tides Center, designed to energize the far-left for the 2010 mid-term elections
Headquartered out of the offices of USAction and the Service Employees International Union

A project of the Tides Center, One Nation Working Together (ONWT) is headquartered in the Washington, DC offices of USAction. It also coordinates some of its activities out of the New York City offices of the Service Employee International Union (SEIU). ONWT's principal goal is to inject new energy into the social justice movement in advance of the 2010 mid-term elections. The organization's “signature event” is its October 2, 2010 “March on Washington,” whose purpose is to inspire “an intensive voter-mobilization program for Election Day 2010.”

Please go to Discover the Networks.Org to read the platform of this group, as well as the list of people that endorsed today's event.

Makes me want to fight all the harder.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is Sarah Palin's fault?

Can you say - delusional?


... and I'm sure standing around with that sign really helped her get a job. Ya think?!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Channeling Glenn...

... okay, not channeling. Just found this Glenn Beck post and it resonated.

I’m on vacation and trying to unplug but the news can make that hard. I just read the story about the Florida church planning to burn copies of the Koran.

What is wrong with us? It’s just like the Ground Zero mosque plan. Does this church have the right? Yes. Should they? No. And not because of the potential backlash or violence. Simply because it is wrong. The more I reflect on what happened on 8/28 the more I realize the amazing power of GOOD.

We must be the better person. We must be bigger than our problems. Bigger than the times in which we live. Burning the Koran is like burning the flag or the Bible. You can do it, but whose heart will you change by doing it? You will only harden the hearts of those who could be moved. None of those who are thinking about killing us will be affected, but our good Muslim friends and neighbors will be saddened. It makes the battle that they face inside their own communities even harder.

Let us rise above the current levels and elevate ourselves and our country. The only thing this act would prove is that you CAN burn a Koran. I didn’t know America was in doubt on that fact. Let’s prove to each other that while there are many things we can do, there are maybe many more things that we choose not to do.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's long but it's worth it.

Because of some responsibilities I have had to take on recently, I have very little time for my blog. I hope to get back to it on a more regular basis I just have no idea when I can.

In the meantime, this mosque in New York City at ground zero has been making me crazy. This video is long but it tells it like it is.


Hat tip to Jo-Joe Politico


Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Too tired to be polite.

I have had an incredible amount going on, family things that I've been taking care of. I am tired from the running around, the emotional upheavals, more running around and decision making. Bone weary.

But in between hospitals and other facilities I've done some searches online. Maybe because my tolerance level is low, I don't know. But I really want to open my front door, step out on my porch and yell


Stepping back into my house.

Immigrate. DO. Legally. And when you get here, expect to work hard and follow the rule of law, learn the language and incorporate America into your life. Adjust. Do not expect us to adjust to you. Treat this country with respect because it IS the best country in the world to live in. Do not demand anything from us, work hard and you will earn your livelihood and your neighbor's respect.

And in the meantime I'll just keep searching for stores here and there I can shop at, that are based in Arizona. Don't mind me.

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Cocopah Bead Shop http://www.beadofthemonthclub.com/

Pop the Soda Shop http://www.popsoda.com/index.html

Cowtown Skateboards http://www.cowtownskateboards.com/

Apache Tears Good Luck Stones http://www.worldssmallestmuseum.com/productindex1.htm

Arizona Rock Shop http://www.arizonarockshops.com/

The Dollhouse and Toy Store http://toys-dolls-miniatures-dollhouses-calico-critters-mighty-world.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index

Bike Barn http://bikebarnaz.com/

Sun Valley Quilts http://www.sunvalleyquilts.com/index.htm

Desert Dancer - Custom Scented Lotions & Bath Products http://www.desertdancer.net/

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Arizona Artists http://www.arizonaartists.net/

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Have any you'd like to add? I know there are tons more.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's so inconvenient

Those pesky illegal acts are now being made into crimes! MSNBC uncovers the scandal!
(not a video, just look at the headline!)


Now THIS is what I call investigative journalism!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Could not resist this bit of science!

Discovery Announcement ~ The densest element in the known Universe has been found!


A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.

These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.
The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

Pelosium's mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes.

This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientist to believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.

When catalyzed with money, Pelosium activates CNNadnausium, an element that radiates orders of magnitude more energy, albeit as incoherent noise, since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons as Pelosium.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Matt ..er..Lance,

I am reprinting a comment made to my R-E-S-P-E-C-T post below. This is a man who has never commented on my blog before and I wanted to answer him.

Matt Swift aka Lance Berkhart said... Wow, I feel sorry for you lady.
Yeah, Obama hates the USA, he hates freedom..all of us Democrats oooppss sorry
Socialist hate the USA. We want to tell people what to do and wipe out all of
our freedoms because we just have it so great here and we just can't have
that.He mocks us? What are you talking about lady? At least this President can
form sentences correctly.Yeah us Socialist really so hate America. We hate it so
much that we want EVERY AMERICAN to have health care. But lets be honest here.
You are a Glenn Beck, Rush Fatbaugh sheep who has no original thoughts other
than what you are told by..wait for...Fox News. You say he will go down as the
worst president in history...you must not know your history. I do like that you
blog and you seem to be very passionate about it but you other who spout off ism
have no clue as to what you are talking about. I see you have quoted Thomas
Jefferson(my fav President) well...he spent a lot of money(money we didnt have)
and congress DIDNT want to approve but he went ahead with the Louisanna Purchase
and the Western Territories. Oh and your Norman Thomas quote is false. There has
NEVER been any evidence that he said that. Your messiah..Ronald Regan quoted him
from time to time...the thing is Regans OWN PERSONAL Biographer said this that
Regan had no clue where he got that quote from and when the biographer tried to
find it HE couldn't find it. Quit trying to spread hate by saying Dems are
socialist. Thank you.

Matt, or Lance, I have a name. If you choose to visit in the future please use it - or don't address me. Calling me "Lady" as in "you have a problem" is rude and unnecessary.
As far as President Obama mocking us? Read what is in the blue quote box below, in the post you commented on. That is mockery and ridicule. It's actually a strategy.

If you go back and read I did not say Democrats are Socialists, I am saying Barack Obama is a Socialist. Whether you can or want to see it is not something I can control. But a person doesn't have to stand up and say "My name is Barack Obama and I am a Socialist" to be one.

If you are concerned with history, read up on Marx. Read up on Saul Alinsky. Read Barack Obama's own book "The Audacity of Hope". See how he grew up, who he looked up to and who he learned from. And then apply his actions (not what he says) to what you've read about Marx and Alinsky.

There is not a moment where I want to spread hate, but what I do want is to live in a free nation where I make my own decisions and not have the government control how my doctor gets paid, who he can treat, and with what technology or medications. I want my decisions made by me and my doctor and I do not want a Washington pencil pusher doing it by applying a set of statistics that may or may not apply to my case.

I want to live where businesses that provide jobs are not demonized for having a profit motive. That is what has made our country great, people believing in the American dream and working for what they want in life. I want my children to understand that anything they work for will always be more valuable to them than something that has been handed to them.

As far as Fox news goes - I take from Fox News what I would take from any news station. They do not speak gospel but they are a lot more truthful than the rest of the media that may as well just wear I heart Obama pins on every one of their lapels. People who watch Fox or listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are not sheep by any means. They are people who are educated on the issues and ready to do what is necessary to turn this country around. We are a huge voting block, do not underestimate our influence. On the other hand - please feel free to underestimate us.

The liberal media make people like me out to be the nut cases, people who are on the fringe of the movement and at the edge of sanity. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are parents and teachers, pilots, doctors, construction workers and the guy who takes your money at the museum. We are office workers, store clerks and business owners. We are everyone. We simply believe in a more conservative viewpoint and want our country to remain the republic it was designed to be. Right now it is headed down a very dangerous road toward becoming like any other impotent European country out there. And if schools were teaching history properly anymore you would know that is the ideal our forefathers were escaping when they came to this new world.

We should treasure our Americanism, celebrate it, and fight for our way of life.

So please Matt, do not assume you know me, and do not comment on things you know nothing about.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am so ashamed ..

Jesse Jackson just pronounced the health care bill


Then he went on to talk about how the government needs to uh.. fund mass transit uh.. something something something.

So all this time I thought it was morally right to encourage people to stand on their own and not expect to be given something for nothing. I thought it was morally right to help the poor and the destitute through private organizations, charities and churches. And I thought it was morally right to teach our kids to work for a living and make there own way.

But you know. It's Jesse Jackson!


Nobody listens to him anymore?

Oh. Okay good.
Back to personal responsibility and not waiting for the government to fund my life. Feels

* * * * * *

Thursday, March 25, 2010

R-E-S-P-E-C-T . ..

Listening to the radio at work today, the host was saying how he's not okay with people calling Obama a thug. He said he wasn't okay with the names George Bush was called either. He was saying people have to have respect for the office. You mean like when people booed Bush at Obama's inauguration? When George Bush was being more gracious than Obama could ever hope to be? Have respect for the office when Obama goes tie-less and jacket-less and has even been known to wear sweats in the oval office and put his feet up on the Resolute desk?

Our current president would not know respect if someone showed it to him. Apparently the only people he respects are foreign leaders for whom he bends at the waist and all but prostrates himself in front of. But the American people? Oh, US? Yeah, us he mocks. I guess we are around for his amusement. His disdain is obvious.

Three years ago, we made a promise. That promise has been kept.
Of course -- of course, over the last year, there’s been a lot of misinformation
spread about health care reform. There’s been plenty of fear-mongering,
plenty of overheated rhetoric. You turn on the news, you’ll see the same
folks are still shouting about there’s going to be an end of the world because
this bill passed. (Laughter.) I’m not exaggerating. Leaders of
the Republican Party, they called the passage of this bill “Armageddon.”
(Laughter.) Armageddon. “End of freedom as we know it.”

So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there any --
(laughter) -- asteroids falling or -- (applause) -- some cracks opening up in
the Earth. (Laughter.) It turned out it was a nice day.
(Laughter.) Birds were chirping. Folks were strolling down the
Mall. People still have their doctors.

From this day forward, all of the cynics, all the naysayers -- they’re
going to have to confront the reality of what this reform is and what it
isn’t. They’ll have to finally acknowledge this isn’t a government
takeover of our health care system. They’ll see that if Americans like
their doctor, they’ll be keeping their doctor. You like your plan?
You’ll be keeping your plan. No one is taking that away from you.
Three months from now, six months from now you’re going to look around.
You’re going to be sitting in a doctor’s office reading through the old People
magazines. (Laughter.) And you’ll say, hey, this is the same doctor,
same plan. It wasn’t Armageddon.

He belittles us, thinks he's smarter than us and oh my he is so much more important than we are. I DO have respect for the office of President of the United States. But when the president holding that office does not even respect his country - much less love it? I have no respect for him. He is a thug, a bully, and insufferably smug.

We can do better. And we will.

Barack Obama will be a one term president and we will NOT be a Socialist nation - or whatever "ist" he is trying to lead us to. He is underestimating the strength of the American people. And he will pay first with losing his majority in congress. And then he will pay with only getting one term. And after that - he will pay by going down in history as the worst president ever.

Now those thoughts are ones I can respect!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And so it begins


Do you like tanning? 10% higher now because your behavior could lead to melanoma. Your bad behavior will be taxed.

McDonalds released an estimate of what it will cost for each one of their stores to put the nutrition information on every outdoor and indoor menu. $75,000.00 per store.

Have you heard of Darden? They own Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and other restaurants. Today -
NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Darden Restaurants Inc. (DRI) will try to absorb any new costs from the health care legislation through tighter expense management and higher prices.

"We feel pretty confident about our ability to really respond through some combination of cost management and price increases," Darden's Chairman and Chief Executive Clarence Otis said Wednesday on an earnings call.

Oh, and how much money will banks lose when the government takes over all the student loan business? The free market shouldn't make money off kids going to school. Only the government should do that!

Just ask Kathleen Sebelius who brags that the legislation will result in companies that make life-saving drugs halarge_Barack-Obama-kiss-Kathleen-Sebelius-Jan29-09ving their profits reduced by $90 Billion. And we are supposed to cheer that - because the government sees no danger in shoving a very important industry into the ground. Cause y'know, I'm sure all that research and stuff isn't that expensive. All those profits are probably going into some fat cats pockets.

In days to come all the little things that have nothing to do with actual health and more to do with "controlling the people" and taxes every little thing we do to pay for the healthcare bill that congress and the president and his family are exempt from - will come crawling out. Can't wait.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is the truth



I am not the brightest bulb

I have not really been posting. A video here, a link there. I am so incredibly disheartened by the goings-on in Washington. I do not believe we have ever been lied to by a president on such a regular basis as we have been by this one.

Obama does not care about all those hard working Americans out there who are struggling. He cares about making history.

Obama does not care that some people cannot afford health insurance. He cares about growing the government.

Obama knows I will not be able to keep my insurance if I like it. All he cares about is being the president who goes down in history as finally getting a healthcare bill passed.

Obama does not care about people with pre-exisiting conditions. He cares about using them as props in his fight to be the savior so many believe him to be.

Obama does not believe that this bill is deficit neutral. All he cares about is getting it passed.

Obama knows the healthcare crisis in our country is not the insurance companies fault. All he cares about is having someone to point a finger at.

Obama knows the quality of healthcare will decline if his healthcare bill passes. All he cares about is getting the freaking thing passed.

As I watch him speaking to congress right now, and listen to his words, I marvel at the garbage spewing from his lips. I am constantly amazed at how many people believe his words when his actions are what count. He just spoke how people believe politicians are only out for themselves. And not 2 minutes before that he told a little story about one of the legislators who (despite the people in her district being against the bill) stood up as someone who supports this bill and will vote for it. He called that courage. I call that a politician who got something for her vote.

I am so tired of this. Why aren't people paying attention to what he DOES and not what he says??

This man is dangerous for our country and does not respect the constitution. He thinks he is above it. I want to pull the covers over my head and ask someone to wake me when he's gone.

But I'd be really afraid about what I'd find when I woke up.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

News coverage

The Fox Politics page

VS. the CNN Politics page

I scoured CNN and could not find a word about Glenn Beck's keynote speech. Not even a mention.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

We're not going away.

I was minding my own business, looking at a scrapbooking site online, and there was an ad at the top of each page that scrolled through different messages.

Arie Friedman is running for congress in Illinois. I clicked on the ad and it took me to TheTeaPartyIsOver.org. The only clickable links on the page were to share the message using Facebook, Digg, and Twitter. Not even the attribution at the bottom was clickable.

I've never heard of the American Public Policy Committee and I wanted to see who was offending me while I was looking for scrapbook elements on a Sunday afternoon. I did a Google search and never came up with a website for them, although I did not search long. What I did come up with was this:
(to read at The Daily Caller click here)

Labor union money linked to anti-Tea Party Web site

By Alex Pappas — The
Daily Caller 01/29/10 at 5:29 pm

Organized labor may be putting their
dollars behind an online effort to take down Tea Party groups and their “radical

A new Web site, TheTeaPartyIsOver.org, has connections to
unions, including the Service Employees International Union and the American
Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

The American Public
Policy Committee pays for the site, whose self-declared mission is to “prevent
the Tea Party’s dangerous ideas from gaining legislative traction.”

According to Opensecrets.org, the top two financial backers of the
American Public Policy Committee this year are Patriot Majority West and Patriot
Majority, largely funded by union dollars.

During the 2008 election
cycle, the AFSCME contributed $5.8 million and the SEIU donated $770,000 to
Patriot Majority. Teamsters Union also donated $250,000, United Food &
Commercial Workers Union gave $125,000 and the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO donated
$6,500 to the group.

Attempts to contact the American Public Policy
Committee and Patriot Majority were not successful.

The site encourages
visitors to call Republicans Randy Hultgren, Arie Friedman and David McAloon —
all running for the U.S. House in Illinois — to “reject the dangerous ideas of
the Tea Party.”

“This movement is a fad,” the Web site reads, whose
“ideas include undermining the legitimacy of the federal government in favor of
a radical right-wing form of state’s rights.”

Unions. It figures. But if they think the tea party movement is a fad, they are sadly mistaken.