Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Matt,

I am reprinting a comment made to my R-E-S-P-E-C-T post below. This is a man who has never commented on my blog before and I wanted to answer him.

Matt Swift aka Lance Berkhart said... Wow, I feel sorry for you lady.
Yeah, Obama hates the USA, he hates freedom..all of us Democrats oooppss sorry
Socialist hate the USA. We want to tell people what to do and wipe out all of
our freedoms because we just have it so great here and we just can't have
that.He mocks us? What are you talking about lady? At least this President can
form sentences correctly.Yeah us Socialist really so hate America. We hate it so
much that we want EVERY AMERICAN to have health care. But lets be honest here.
You are a Glenn Beck, Rush Fatbaugh sheep who has no original thoughts other
than what you are told by..wait for...Fox News. You say he will go down as the
worst president in must not know your history. I do like that you
blog and you seem to be very passionate about it but you other who spout off ism
have no clue as to what you are talking about. I see you have quoted Thomas
Jefferson(my fav President) well...he spent a lot of money(money we didnt have)
and congress DIDNT want to approve but he went ahead with the Louisanna Purchase
and the Western Territories. Oh and your Norman Thomas quote is false. There has
NEVER been any evidence that he said that. Your messiah..Ronald Regan quoted him
from time to time...the thing is Regans OWN PERSONAL Biographer said this that
Regan had no clue where he got that quote from and when the biographer tried to
find it HE couldn't find it. Quit trying to spread hate by saying Dems are
socialist. Thank you.

Matt, or Lance, I have a name. If you choose to visit in the future please use it - or don't address me. Calling me "Lady" as in "you have a problem" is rude and unnecessary.
As far as President Obama mocking us? Read what is in the blue quote box below, in the post you commented on. That is mockery and ridicule. It's actually a strategy.

If you go back and read I did not say Democrats are Socialists, I am saying Barack Obama is a Socialist. Whether you can or want to see it is not something I can control. But a person doesn't have to stand up and say "My name is Barack Obama and I am a Socialist" to be one.

If you are concerned with history, read up on Marx. Read up on Saul Alinsky. Read Barack Obama's own book "The Audacity of Hope". See how he grew up, who he looked up to and who he learned from. And then apply his actions (not what he says) to what you've read about Marx and Alinsky.

There is not a moment where I want to spread hate, but what I do want is to live in a free nation where I make my own decisions and not have the government control how my doctor gets paid, who he can treat, and with what technology or medications. I want my decisions made by me and my doctor and I do not want a Washington pencil pusher doing it by applying a set of statistics that may or may not apply to my case.

I want to live where businesses that provide jobs are not demonized for having a profit motive. That is what has made our country great, people believing in the American dream and working for what they want in life. I want my children to understand that anything they work for will always be more valuable to them than something that has been handed to them.

As far as Fox news goes - I take from Fox News what I would take from any news station. They do not speak gospel but they are a lot more truthful than the rest of the media that may as well just wear I heart Obama pins on every one of their lapels. People who watch Fox or listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are not sheep by any means. They are people who are educated on the issues and ready to do what is necessary to turn this country around. We are a huge voting block, do not underestimate our influence. On the other hand - please feel free to underestimate us.

The liberal media make people like me out to be the nut cases, people who are on the fringe of the movement and at the edge of sanity. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are parents and teachers, pilots, doctors, construction workers and the guy who takes your money at the museum. We are office workers, store clerks and business owners. We are everyone. We simply believe in a more conservative viewpoint and want our country to remain the republic it was designed to be. Right now it is headed down a very dangerous road toward becoming like any other impotent European country out there. And if schools were teaching history properly anymore you would know that is the ideal our forefathers were escaping when they came to this new world.

We should treasure our Americanism, celebrate it, and fight for our way of life.

So please Matt, do not assume you know me, and do not comment on things you know nothing about.



Joe said...

Yea Janie! The guy is incredible (in the truest sense of the word). He accuses you of not being able to express yourself and then proceeds to make a mess of the King's English!

What a total blank he is.

One Ticked Chick said...

Bravo! You have more patience than I do, Janie. I only publish troll comments that don't include name-calling and do offer an intelligent counter argument. All the others get the delete button.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Wow, I can't believe you even bothered reading that poorly-written, ill-conceived comment. I was twitching just trying to read the first few incoherent sentences before giving up in disgust. I made as far as the insult about President Bush being unable to formulate sentences and almost laughed at the (essentially) illiterate writer's audacity.

Anyway, your response to whatever that person may have been trying to say is fantastic. Ultimately, I'm with Chick and would have deleted that inarticulate babble faster than BO can erm and ummmm and argh his way through an extemporaneous sentence (rare though these may be, given his usual ten teleprompter, don't hold press conferences approach to "governing").