Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am so ashamed ..

Jesse Jackson just pronounced the health care bill


Then he went on to talk about how the government needs to uh.. fund mass transit uh.. something something something.

So all this time I thought it was morally right to encourage people to stand on their own and not expect to be given something for nothing. I thought it was morally right to help the poor and the destitute through private organizations, charities and churches. And I thought it was morally right to teach our kids to work for a living and make there own way.

But you know. It's Jesse Jackson!


Nobody listens to him anymore?

Oh. Okay good.
Back to personal responsibility and not waiting for the government to fund my life. Feels

* * * * * *


RightKlik said...

It makes perfect sense to me. People like Hank Johnson who believes that Guam might tip over from overpopulation...people like Dennis K who think the UFOs are coming to take them away... these are the people who should be in control of health care and EVERYTHING else.

Joe said...

Jackson would not know morality if it slapped him in the face (which, by the way, I wish it would).

The Conservative Lady said...

There ain't nothin' morally right about Jesse Jackson.