Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am not the brightest bulb

I have not really been posting. A video here, a link there. I am so incredibly disheartened by the goings-on in Washington. I do not believe we have ever been lied to by a president on such a regular basis as we have been by this one.

Obama does not care about all those hard working Americans out there who are struggling. He cares about making history.

Obama does not care that some people cannot afford health insurance. He cares about growing the government.

Obama knows I will not be able to keep my insurance if I like it. All he cares about is being the president who goes down in history as finally getting a healthcare bill passed.

Obama does not care about people with pre-exisiting conditions. He cares about using them as props in his fight to be the savior so many believe him to be.

Obama does not believe that this bill is deficit neutral. All he cares about is getting it passed.

Obama knows the healthcare crisis in our country is not the insurance companies fault. All he cares about is having someone to point a finger at.

Obama knows the quality of healthcare will decline if his healthcare bill passes. All he cares about is getting the freaking thing passed.

As I watch him speaking to congress right now, and listen to his words, I marvel at the garbage spewing from his lips. I am constantly amazed at how many people believe his words when his actions are what count. He just spoke how people believe politicians are only out for themselves. And not 2 minutes before that he told a little story about one of the legislators who (despite the people in her district being against the bill) stood up as someone who supports this bill and will vote for it. He called that courage. I call that a politician who got something for her vote.

I am so tired of this. Why aren't people paying attention to what he DOES and not what he says??

This man is dangerous for our country and does not respect the constitution. He thinks he is above it. I want to pull the covers over my head and ask someone to wake me when he's gone.

But I'd be really afraid about what I'd find when I woke up.


The Conservative Lady said...

I watched him today, too, and was screaming at the TV. This whole thing is not about health care. It's about power.

Z said...

Hi, Janie...
ya, the cartoon side showed a word verification but no room to type the verification..maybe it's fixed by now? I should go check but I"m pooped tonight.

Glad you have another blog, too.....same name, so I was confused !

I know what you mean about being afraid about what you might find when you wake up...this is SOME NIGHTMARE, isn't it.

Janie Lynn said...

Actually the cartoon page was supposed to be a second page - but blogger didn't have the pages option. So I created a second blog and linked them.