Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's long but it's worth it.

Because of some responsibilities I have had to take on recently, I have very little time for my blog. I hope to get back to it on a more regular basis I just have no idea when I can.

In the meantime, this mosque in New York City at ground zero has been making me crazy. This video is long but it tells it like it is.


Hat tip to Jo-Joe Politico



Susannah said...

Was thinking about you just this afternoon. Hope all is settling down w/ your 'responsibilities.'

I didn't have time to watch this whole thing, but I will.

So, we get attacked by muslim jihadists, then they build a mosque @ ground zero??? I don't mean "they" as in the ones who actually did it, but 'they' as in those who won't disavow terrorists - I mean man-made disaster enthusiasts.

Heaven help us!

Joe said...

To paraphrase a famous old saying: Business is next to Godliness.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the people (remember they are people too) building the mosque support terrorism on the sole basis that they are Muslim.

And to correct the man in the video, he referring to fundamentalist Islam, which the Mosque builders may not necessarily be. And just like fundamentalist Christians or Jewish people they can be extreme in their beliefs and carry out massive murders. Also, for many Muslim women the veil is not a sign of oppression, but rather of purity and respect to God and their husbands. Personally, I think it is beautiful for women to cover themselves in front of people save for God and their husbands.

Yes, September 11 was horrible. I was at my zero-hour French class in Seattle when we saw the news and I remember thinking that the world was coming to an end and it wasn't fair. I was sad and angry and wanted to know why.

I later came to understand the why: America's foreign policy particularly toward the Muslim world has been undemocratic, unjust, and savage. Please do not criticize this point until you do research (look into America's history with Iran, for example). That by no means justifies it. But we live in a country that promotes freedom, democracy, justice for all, but only in the media. In practice what do we do? We make videos and blogs about the issue of build a single mosque in New York City (composing the most ethnically diverse populations in this great land. To me that does not seem just, free or democratic.

Perhaps, those people that hope to build a Mosque at ground zero are looking to correct this action taken in the name of their religion. As a sign of good will and peace. Or maybe they are looking to proclaim their faith just I would be free to practice Christianity any where a house of God is constructed.

And remember the Bible says to forgive, only God can judge.

Cigarette Sally said...

Typical America- having a 13 story mosque at the foot of ground zero.... What are they waiting for?!?!?