Monday, May 17, 2010

Too tired to be polite.

I have had an incredible amount going on, family things that I've been taking care of. I am tired from the running around, the emotional upheavals, more running around and decision making. Bone weary.

But in between hospitals and other facilities I've done some searches online. Maybe because my tolerance level is low, I don't know. But I really want to open my front door, step out on my porch and yell


Stepping back into my house.

Immigrate. DO. Legally. And when you get here, expect to work hard and follow the rule of law, learn the language and incorporate America into your life. Adjust. Do not expect us to adjust to you. Treat this country with respect because it IS the best country in the world to live in. Do not demand anything from us, work hard and you will earn your livelihood and your neighbor's respect.

And in the meantime I'll just keep searching for stores here and there I can shop at, that are based in Arizona. Don't mind me.

Adventure Coffee Roasting

Spy Shop of Scottsdale

Crown Fine Jewelry

Route 66 Gift Shop Shoes & Handbags

Cocopah Bead Shop

Pop the Soda Shop

Cowtown Skateboards

Apache Tears Good Luck Stones

Arizona Rock Shop

The Dollhouse and Toy Store

Bike Barn

Sun Valley Quilts

Desert Dancer - Custom Scented Lotions & Bath Products

Kukuruza - Gourmet Popcorn Company

Arizona Vines and Wines

Arizona Artists

American Flag & Pole

The Original Candy's Apples

Coldstone Creamery

Discount Tire

Eleanor Joseph Confections

Fairytale Brownies

Phoenix Herb Company


Phoenix Knife House

McClendons Select (citrus, honey and dates)

M.R. Designs & Gifts

Phoenix Mandolins

Navajo Fine Jewelry & Collectibles

Set Enterprises Games!

Hollycake - Letterpress printing

Cerreta Fine Chocolates

Phoenix Coffee

Heard Museum Online Shop

Charley's Trophies

Stinkweeds Inline Music

Don's Hot Rod Shop

Brew Your Own Brew

Expressions Art Glass

Have any you'd like to add? I know there are tons more.



The Conservative Lady said...

Terrific post. Rush has it right...Arizona should give all of it's illegal aliens a free one-way ticket to San Francisco.

Joe said...

I LIKE your idea of shopping Arizona based companies. I think I'll join you!

Z said...

what a fantastic post, Janie! GOOD GIRL! I'm going to link to this right now :-) People need to BUY ARIZONA PRODUCTS!

Janie Lynn said...

I don't put a lot of facts out there, I write my emotional response to things. And this IS my emotional response. SO tired of people whining and demanding rights and respect when they've done nothing to deserve it.

Susannah said...

I was going to say just what Z did --- 'atta girl!! I LOVE this! More power to 'em.

Oh, & did you hear? Mrs. Clinton tells Ecuadoran reporter that the BHO admin. will be filing a law suit against AZ. I think maybe I'll be sending some $ to the legal defense of Arizona fund...