Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why people vote

Radio stations in my office are limited. My office mate listens to 'oldies' all day long, most of which I know the words to which tells you something. But that's not what I want to listen to. And of course none of the stations that carry the programs that appeal to me - will come in on any regular radio inside our building.

So I downloaded TSL Mobile Talk Radio on my iPhone and it has been a God send. At any given time during the day I can listen to whoever is on - be it Glenn, Sean, Rush, or one of my favorites, John Gibson. Surprised me, but I like to listen to him. Actually he's on Fox News Radio, but I digress.

Which brings me to my point. Why people are voting. John was trying to get his audience to think about whether it is racism to vote for someone because of their race, if it is considered racism to not vote for someone because of their race. Because whether they want to admit it or not, a lot of black voters are still supporting Obama, regardless of the fact that he has done nothing, zip, to help them. So what other reason besides the fact that - he's their guy?

Late in the day I received a call from a lady I have worked with off and on for 20 years. We were discussing work and how our helpdesk just got outsourced to India, and how distressing it is. We were ending our call when she said "well just be careful who you vote for."

We did the dance for a bit "well ... I'm thinking this is a conversation we don't want to have, not a good idea to talk politics ..."

"Yeah, I agree but .. "

"Because I'm rabid. Okay? I cannot stand Obama and I think he's the worst president we've ever had." I said it.

"Really? I ... wouldn't have thought it of you." What? Am I a pedophile or something? Because the way she said it - it sounded that bad.

She proceeded to tell me how she will never vote republican because of George Bush. I started to tune her out while she spewed all the half truths and old grievances against Dubya. And I finally said "Bush isn't running."

"Doesn't matter .. I wouldn't vote republican, my husband voted for him and I didn't talk to him for weeks!"

"You're an election behind. Bush didn't run in the last election and won't run in the next!" I was getting exasperated. "Obama is a freaking socialist. Besides which he SO doesn't have a clue ..."

"Well the problem is people only listened to the campaign talk, they didn't ask for specifics - maybe if Obama had run 10 to 15 years later he would do better but he's in over his head. And he's an idealist."

I told her she was edging toward the tea party side and she said "yeah, a little."

"Well you know the tea party candidates will be running as republicans, right?"

"No ..."

"Yes, if they run as a separate party they'll split the vote and the democrats will win."


It made me angry that she is still so mad at George Bush, that even though she grudgingly agrees Obama is not the best, she still doesn't want to vote republican.

People need to educate themselves for this election. Listen to the radio - watch TV, read - listen to all sides and see what makes sense to you. Because one side or the other side will make sense to you. But for God's sake don't vote a certain way because you hated the other guy who isn't even running, and don't vote for or against someone because of their race.

And in these times, if you can't be bothered to learn the issues and the candidates stances on them and what those things will do to our country - DON'T VOTE! Please. Don't vote.


Z said...

Oh, GAD, Janie...I'm blog rolling you for this post alone.
I was SO hoping, however, that your friend was going to surprise you with I HATE OBAMA, TOO!! But, alas,.

What gave you the clue from what she said that she's edging toward the Tea Party?
Don't forget, Obama didn't win in 2008, Bush LOST. MANY MANY people didn't like Obama but Americans are optimists and they thought anything was better than Bush because the lefties told us that. horrible, isn't it.

John Gibson's sort of correct but, let's face it, most Black Americans vote lefty whether the candidates their color or not.
My niece has fallen in love with a Black Kentucky U football player from Ohio....(we're not black)...the first thing I asked my sister when i heard was "Is he conservative!?" HE IS!! HIs whole family is!! GOD IS GOOD!! :-) THEY won't vote color!

Janie Lynn said...

I don't think she's close to the tea party at all, but I said a few things about smaller government,government suposed to protect us not take care of us from cradle to grave .. and she agreed with some of that. It's amazing the things some people will allow to side-track their vote!

Joe said...

Most people, sadly, vote with their gut instead of their brains. They don't know who believes what, nor do they want to be told, 'cause their guy couldn't possibly be that bad.

Then they find out that he is and they say, "Oh, well. That' politicians for you."