Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best title ever!

But We’re Still Gonna Kill You

By Mark Steyne

Barack Obama has spent the last year doing bigtime Islamoschmoozing, from his
announcement of Gitmo’s closure and his investigation of Bush officials to
his bow before the Saudi King and a speech in Cairo to “the Muslim world”
with far too many rhetorical concessions and equivocations. And at the end
of it, the jihad sent America a thank-you note by way of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s underwear: Hey, thanks for all the outreach! But we’re still
gonna kill you.


For the full article visit National Review Online.



Anonymous said...

We really need to get this political ulcer out. Nobody hates war more than those who actually have to fight it, but unless and until we replace this zeroid with someone willing to take the fight to the moslems, they're gonna continue to hit us at will. We can beat the will out of them if we prosecute the war AS a war instead of treating it like a domestic dispute.

Heh - bowing to Burger King. That's about right. Hey, he could salute "The Colonel" if he was till alive!

Janie Lynn said...

He sure could - and imagine how he would love Imperial Margarine and that crown! Sheesh - really dating myself with that one. Da da da DA!

jadedfellow said...

Hey Janie,

This bowel of a President is quite familiar with Imperial Margarine, it facilitates the sliding of his head up his, azz always nice post.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hi Janie..Steyn is awesome isnt he!

Joe said...

What is the definition of "ineptness?"

Barack H. Obama.

Susannah said...

"Hey, thanks for all the outreach! But we’re still gonna kill you."

Yep. This is when we all say - loudly & frequently - "I TOLD YOU SO!!"

Stupid, stupid, self-absorbed, self-important dolt.