Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm better now.

My Internet or my computer or maybe both are giving me such fits today it's all I can do to get this posted. And listening to the president on TV stumping for Martha Coakley is enraging me. He's blaming Bush again, talking about how evil the banks are for making a profit, punishing them for paying back the money they were practically forced to take???


This president who paid off the whole state of Nebraska and Louisiana to buy votes, who made a huge back room deal with big unions, this man is standing there talking about making things better in this country? He's talking about Republicans being influenced by special interests - EXCUSE ME????

I'm sorry. I am angry. I am going to go clean the filter for the fish tank because that's preferable to listening to the crap spewing from his mouth.

**The president is on his plane leaving Boston, I could not post this until now. I'm a bit more calm. But Scott Brown really needs to win - mostly for the healthcare vote but also to slap Obama in the face and tell him he isn't listening to the people - and the people are fighting back!


jadedfellow said...

Hey Janie,

I figger the obombadministration must have your URL and are simply attempting to quell your stunning freedom of speech.

I too hope he is elected, with the qualification of, I hope it is a statement that America is starting to think independently from the two party line talking points.

Having stated that, I hope Mass. will hold him accountable to the people's voice. We can elect anyone, but if we sit back and allow them to speak for us we have not accomplished true change.

If he is elected by the Mass. folks, they need to engage (okay that is a tough word for a 16 year divorcee to say) him with what We the People are concerned about.

If he is macho enough (real men serve the one's that depend on them) to listen and act accordingly, we may have reached a turning point of taking back our individuality and Republic.

I will offer no comments concerning the prissydent, he does quite well in whimpishly taking himself down.


The Conservative Lady said...

I missed the speech today, but caught some of it in the blogs I read later this afternoon. He basically admitted that, without Martha, his agenda is toast. So, I really hope the people of Massachusetts go out and vote for Scott Brown and serve Obama up a big, fat plate full of burned toast.

Susannah said...

LONG LIVE SCOTT BROWN, as Senator of Mass.!!!!

As he said in a debate last week, "this is not Ted Kennedy's seat, this is not the Democrat's seat, this is the PEOPLE's SEAT."

Amen, brother!

Joe said...

I think the citizens of Massachusetts are basically decent people. Given the right information, they will make the right choice and elect Scott Brown.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I'm hoping we get this one right! :)