Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Report Shows Nearly 3 Dozen Americans Converted to Islam in Prison and Traveled to Yemen

Updated January 19, 2010

Fox News

A report written by staff working for Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry says many U.S. prisoners have become "radicalized."

WASHINGTON -- U.S. law enforcement authorities believe as many as three dozen Americans who converted to Islam in prison have traveled to Yemen, possibly to train with Al Qaeda, according to a Senate report.

The "radicalization" of the individuals has alarmed U.S. officials even though no evidence has tied them to terror activities.

Several of the individuals have "dropped off the radar" for weeks at a time and continue to carry U.S. passports, according to a copy of the report obtained by The Associated Press.
The assessment was written by staff working for Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, a Democrat.

"Al Qaeda's recruitment tactics also have changed," Kerry wrote in an introduction to the report. "The group seeks to recruit American citizens to carry out terrorist attacks in the United States."

Al Qaeda forces in Yemen have emerged in recent months as a pressing threat to U.S. security, with ties to a recent airline bombing plot and the shooting deaths of 13 people at the U.S. Army's Fort Hood post.

The White House and Pentagon have said they have no plans to send ground troops there, and Yemen has made clear it would not want them. Remaining options would include covert strikes against Al Qaeda targets and increased aid to help train and equip Yemen's own security forces.
Gen. David Petraeus, head of U.S. Central Command whose command territory includes Yemen, has said he would like to double military aid to that country, which currently is receiving about $67 million.

Kerry's report was expected to set the stage for a Wednesday public hearing on Yemen with testimony from senior State Department officials.

In addition to its finding that Al Qaeda was trying actively to attract "nontraditional followers" who could penetrate U.S. security, the staff report concludes that Al Qaeda has remained a viable threat.

"Despite setbacks, Al Qaeda is not on the run," the report concludes.

Kerry's staff also cites as many as 10 non-Yemeni Americans, in addition to the nearly three dozen prisoners, who moved to Yemen, became Islamic fundamentalists and married Yemeni women to remain in the country.

"Described by one American official as 'blond-haired, blue eyed-types,' these individuals fit a profile of Americans whom Al Qaeda has sought to recruit over the past several years," the report states.
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And there are probably a boatload of Gitmo detainees coming out to Illinois. Yay. Looking for some good midwestern blue eyes in jail. Nice.


jadedfellow said...

Hey Doll,

My first reaction to the comments prior to my interjection was to grab my breechcloth and Tarzan my comments to stand up for Janie.

But it is cold and drafts do occur if proper briefs are not worn.

I agree with you, it is a bunch of PC Bull Crap to pissy foot around with folks who hate us and desire us dead.

Keep up the dissing. If you ever need some back up just call, "Tarzan, Tarzan where for art thou". Could have mixed up my authors, but hey it's "bloggn" who cares what I miss state.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Janie:
Looks like some investment guy is trying to take over our blog.

Back on point:
I wonder if John Kerry is all for bringing the terrorists back to the USA for trial after issuing this report. I really think the BHO administration does not have our best interests at heart.

Joe said...

The "investment guy" is a spammer. Put word recognition on your comment section and he won't be able to get in...not so much because he can't read, but because he is automated.

John Byrnes' suggestion is well taken, but it would require a good deal of time to impliment around the world, as a good deal of training would be required for TSA agents (not the brightest lamps in the basement)to learn how to properly use it.

Furthermore, selling the government on an idea that actually works is a monumental undertaking, as they specialize in things that do not work.

In the meanwhile, profiling little old ladies and young children still makes no sense, while profiling Middle Easterners makes some.

It is sad to have to do that, but safety HAS to supercede political correctness.

Janie Lynn said...

FINALLY! Technical difficulties did not allow me to get on the internet and delete the spam! I hate comment moderation of any kind, but I am going to have to resort to it.

Political correctness is just another tool used to control people. Time to rebel!

Susannah said...

Terrorism is insidious, as is radical islam. Just gives me the creeps, frankly. For example, when good ole American women marry some dude who gets in w/ Nation of Islam types & she runs around town in black drapes & preacher robes. Just makes me want to reach out & SHAKE her!!! Come on, sweetie, don't you know who you are???

I've digressed...I had to do the same thing w/ the word recognition automated commenters couldn't spam me. Makes it more cumbersome for folks, but it's the price we pay I guess...