Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do you allow dissent?

Many blogs I frequent are of the crafty sort, full of vintage images and clip art, home ideas, decorating and feminine decor.  Most are not political blogs but sometimes in between the yellowed lace and recipes a political opinion slips in.

Apparently the photo ID thing has some people up in arms, enough to sully their pretty blogs with strident calls to spread the word - thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people may not be able to vote because 11 states now have voter ID laws on the books.  The writer also noted that the idea that there is voter fraud is ridiculous, as only 10 cases have been prosecuted in Pennsylvania in the last such n' such years. GASP! 

I confess that I generally do not comment on most of these blogs, I look at the pretty pictures and read a bit of the fluff and move on.  That is what I enjoy about them, not a lot of commitment, they're nice to look at.  But I commented on a post about picture IDs - something to the effect of -

do you really believe that citizens will not be able to vote? Today I went to a casino for lunch (not my usual practice) with some co-workers, and we had to have picture IDs to enter.  If I wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes in the next town over, I would have to produce a photo ID to do it.  And if I wanted to fly on an airplane or buy a bottle of wine, I would need a photo ID to do those things as well.  Also, I live in the Chicago area where people brag about voting early and voting often, so I suspect voter fraud is out there, it's just not being acknowledged or discovered.  So .. the law may keep non-citizens from voting, but citizens?  Not so much.

Curious, I went back to the blog today.  There were several comments agreeing about the voting thing, how requiring photo IDs was unfair and horrible .. but funny .. my comment was not published.  Made me wonder - did anyone else have the position I did - but like the main stream media, they were just ignored too?

Obviously, a blog is rarely objective, and the only rules are ones the blogger wants to have.  But a different opinion that isn't vulgar or abusive or rude being left out?  Seems it's easier to ignore the facts and just play to people's emotions.  Seems to be a lot of that going around these days.

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