Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MIA and Dear Sweetpea ..

I haven't written here in so long .. and I find myself longing to, daily.  Changes in my life have given me less spare time but one of the main reasons is my daughter.  I could not love this child more, but on politics we disagree.  We don't just disagree, when we try to discuss the issues it makes her cry. I have never quite understood why except that she feels just as strongly about her views as I do about mine, and it distresses her to be so opposed to all I believe, and it distresses me too.  But I never meant for her to see this blog, I created it using a pseudonym to keep it separate from my other non-political blogs and mainly - from her.

But she found it quickly, due to stupidity on my part.  So Honey - please - do not read this blog.  I don't want you to.  I don't want to feel that what I say is directed at you - or worry about what you may be thinking or feeling about what I do write. 

For this post I just want to say the difference between us can be described by some wise words from Rob Lowe - yes - Rob Lowe.  He said "Democrats are long on empathy and Republicans are long on logic." 

So Sweetie - you are a tender-hearted, dear, wonderful woman.  I love you more than I can ever express.  But please - allow me this space - this place - to talk about my beliefs without worrying about hurting you.  And if you read this post and read on anyway - please try to be logical and not emotional about what I say.  If it hurts you - just don't stay.  Please.

I love you.


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