Thursday, November 5, 2009

So convenient!

Wasn't it nice of the AARP to provide a postage paid envelope for me to return my membership card in? Just so helpful, those people!


Joe said...

I have been a member of AARP for some time, taking advantage of a few of their "benefits."

However, I am now deciding whether to continue my membership.

As a member, I have access to the top eschelon of the organization and have used the access to voice my objection to their many political stands with which I disagree.

Now, however, it seems that a deaf ear has been turned to those who don't get in lock-step with their agenda.

They have been losing members in droves, and have decided not to care.

Methinks me association with them is short lived.

I will make my card look like yours.

Janie Lynn said...

It's an easy choice for me, Joe, I have only been a member since May and have not used my membership for anything yet. All I'm losing is my membership fee.

I can see how the same choice would be tough for you. I have a feeling if I were in your place I would be researching my other options first to see if I actually could take a stand against them.

I have to question myself - if I was retired and using my membership actively - would I be able to make that choice? I hope so, but I honestly don't know.

conservative generation said...

I heard if you send your AARP card to ASA, they'll give you a discount on a membership.

Janie Lynn said...

Well now there's a thought!