Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's not really about healthcare.

There is so much more involved than just healthcare reform. We are on such a slippery slope and so many people are sliding down it with smiles on their faces. They have no idea what it's all really about.

From Rush Limbaugh's interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday:

“I believe that the economy is under siege,” he said.

“This is not about insuring the uninsured — this is not about health care,” Limbaugh said. “This is about stealing one-sixth of the U.S. private sector and putting it under the control of the federal government.”

“And when they get this health care bill — if they do — that’s the easiest, fastest way for them to be able to regulate every aspect of human behavior, because it will all have some related cost to health care — what you drive, what you eat, where you live, what you do — and there will be penalties for violating regulation.”

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Anonymous said...

This is good, Janie. I think most of the conservatives in the country know oblama's agenda ... and they know it's about total control, not just health care. I think the conservative battle plan ought to be to continue to force the liberals into compromise situations with regard to health care "hope and change". We don't want anything passing that would be impossible for a conservative republican administration to unscrew when the time comes. So far, hopey-changey hasn't done that much damage. Most of his bozosity can be un-done when we get rid of the liberals. The more rhetoric we hear from the leftwigs, the angrier we the people are getting. We need to channel that anger into real change. That is the message I got from Limbaugh's comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Critics can throw bricks at El Rushbo, but he does his homework. I remember after the wall fell down and communism was discredited. Rush told us then that environmentalism was the new communism, that it was about controlling people.

Rush is a student of Dr. Thomas Sowell, who has written so brilliantly about all of this, only he uses the terms "The Anointed" instead of liberals, progressives, statists,etc. "Quest for Cosmic Justice" is a must read.

They really think they are smarter than the collective wisdom of the ages and of the the free-exchange marketplaces.

Saving the environment, giving people healthcare, etc is just a smoke screen. It's about power and control.

Why do the critics trash and smear Rush? Because they cannot refute his arguments.

Janie Lynn said...

RWL - I hope you're right that we can "unscrew" what this administration messes up when they're gone. The healthcafre bill can even be repealed if it is passed but I'm hoping it won't be necessary.

foutsc - I agree, Rush is usually right. Even when his delivery sounds like arrogance and hot air - still - he's usually right. Thanks for the link - I checked it out, very interesting and very illuminating!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Funny how the Libs are in total attack mode against Rush today (Monday) for his comments on TV yesterday. How dare he be allowed to exercise his Constitutional right to freedom of speech?!