Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sargeant Schultz all over again!

Charlie Gibson admits to knowing NOTHING about the recent Acorn videos and associated scandal. This is from WLS 890 in Chicago, Don Wade and Roma were interviewing Charlie Gibson.

Amazing. And some people still think the MSM represents the news in a fair, balanced, and objective way. Might as well call it Liberobama TV.


Anonymous said...

Since the liberals think we're stupid in the first place, they probably figure we won't remember this ridiculous item when Gibson and his buddies seem to be "all over" the next republican or conservative faux pas ... No matter how minor they happen to be.

"objectivity" is totally foreign to these socialists.

LOL - Sergeant Shultz ... that's about right!!

jay son said...

he doesn't know anything about it cause it doesn't fit the template. remember just how smart he really is looking over his glasses talking down his nose to sarah.