Friday, September 25, 2009

What IS this????

I work until 5:00pm every day. Which means I rarely see Glenn Beck at his regularly scheduled time. I do not have a DVR, no TIVO or any of that. So tonight I thought I would see if I could find Glenn's show on the internet so I can avoid the technical mocking of my children when I tape it on my VCR. I came upon HULU. I have heard of it before, I'm not totally lacking in this kind of knowledge, but I had not explored this particular venue.

Hmmm, where would Glenn Beck be... in the News and Information category? Or .. News and Information Channel? Ya think? So I was searching and before I ever found Glenn, I found THIS. What IS this???

Is this a channel for news? Is this MSNBC? Is this MSNBC shilling for Obama?? Is this where MSNBC finally admits it's adoration of and idolization of the POTUS?

We've got little children singing creepy "praise Obama" songs in schools, we've got the MSM practically voting Barack Obama into office and then acting as his press agents. And now we have this. If someone has the stomach to watch a bit of it and tell me what it contains, please feel free.

I don't think I can. Blech!

Oh, and I think I'll go watch Glenn on my VCR tonight, and continue my search tomorrow. I hope I don't have nightmares!

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