Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little bit of this, little bit of that

I have not been able to get my thoughts together today.  But man, those Kennedy's know how to throw a funeral mass, don't they?  Again, Teddy wasn't my favorite guy but omg the stories people told were hysterical.  And it sounds like those Kennedy's know how to party.  They also know how to remain "on message".  I have no idea how many times healthcare and Teddy fighting for it was brought up and by how many speakers, but campaigning for the bill was alive and well at Ted Kennedy's funeral.  Even the priest mentioned it at the gravesite!  But enough about that.

Other thoughts running through my head - picturing our military or CIA or whoever - "torturing" those poor terrorists who will blow up their own children if it helps blow up some infidels too, or whip out a huge knife and slice an American's head off in front of a video camera, not because he did anything to them but because he was there - and he was Jewish.  And here we are, blowing smoke in their faces, oh the horror!  Scaring them with unloaded guns and power drills!  Wooooo - how awful we are!  Even water boarding - hell - we're not pulling their fingernails out, or drilling holes in the teeth or hanging them upside down and whacking the sides of their knees!  No, mostly we used psychological torture, playing rock music very loudly, 24/7.  We didn't turn the lights out.  We handed them a wire and told them it was live and they would be shocked if they moved.  BIG DEAL!  Not much worse than what my older brother would have done to me when we were kids.  We weren't even physically hurting or injuring them, we made them uncomfortable sometimes, UNCOMFORTABLE.  I cannot believe it is even being considered wrong much less criminal.  It's sickening how this administration is pulling the teeth of every strength we have. 

I also need to know - if Democrats believe in helping people, helping everyone, why would anybody work for anything?  If it's all free, why would anybody get up at the crack of dawn every day to do something to earn a paycheck?  But - how do Democrats think they are going to pay for all of it?  Ah-h-h ... those doggone people who DO work, or who might have the audacity to have gotten themselves rich, THEY can pay for it!  Democrats can take the money for those programs from the people who have more - and give it to those who have less.  Yeah!  What a wonderful idea! 

Except for the fact it's an absurd idea on the very face of it.

Going to a town hall meeting was a great experience, except for the fact that I was getting so angry with the conversations I was overhearing.  The guy talking to the other guy about tables, and he thought they would have tables set up outside, have to get it together!  Here, you want this sign - to anyone standing near them.  Or the woman a few people away from me holding a sign one of the guys gave her that said "83% of the American people want the public option!"  Their numbers were a bit off.  The lady was saying to a young guy by her, "Well people who earn more than $250,000.00 a year have enough for themselves, why shouldn't they pay a bit more? 

The idea that people are slowly stepping toward socialism which takes away freedom instead of giving it - is frightening.  It's like there is a whole community of Stepford people out there who are just in lock-step with the hopey-changy crap, and they are too idealistic to see that the things they are fighting for will not work and will hurt the hard working men and women of America.

It's sad because conservatives are seen as selfish "look out for number one" when it couldn't be further from the truth.  This is an incredibly giving and charitable nation; it was conservative president George W. Bush who gave more millions to Africa than any other nation in the world.  We share, we help, and we give.  But do not tell us if we make a bit more than the guy down the street that I am going to have my taxes raised so I can help him.  Don't TAKE from me.  Do not take away my incentive to work hard to take care of myself and mine.  Because then I will become like the guy down the street and someone else with more money will have their taxes raised even higher, to take care of me.  And after a while there will be no more people with more money to tax.  And we will all be looking to the government for our next meal, but the government will be broke.

Feel like I'm walking around just shaking my head more than half the time these days.  Just crazy.

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