Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little bit of hope.

There are some days now when instead of an over-riding frustration and a feeling of helplessness, I feel a glimmer, JUST a glimmer - of hope. Some days it seems as if Obama is self-destructing maybe a little bit. Obama and many of his democratic legislators. They are saying things that are outrageously moronic about Americans coming out to express their outrage about the healthcare plan, the stimulus, cap and trade, etc. Calling the anger orchestrated, calling protesters mobs and nazis and implying they are simply misinformed.

It's all very overwhelming and discouraging but now, it seems the Democrats are back on their heels a bit. They aren't used to being disagreed with so vehemently, and worse - not believed. They are spending much of their time on the defense as opposed to going out and preaching to the choir which I suspect they thought they were going to be able to do for quite a while once Obama was elected.

I remember inauguration day when everyone made such a huge deal about how historic it was, the first black president and all. Yes, it was historic for that reason. And unfortunately this president was elected in large part because the majority of the black population in this country voted for him. Just saying that could be considered racist by some, even though it is a statement of fact. He was also elected because so many people hated George Bush that they voted against the Republican party. And then there were the star gazers. That made me sick. People who saw Barack Obama spewing all his garbage about hope and change and saw some kind of aura around him. What they didn't realize was the aura was actually the stink of Chicago thug style politics rising from his shoulders. He has proved (I hate that word, it always seems so grammatically incorrect) himself to be an elitist, a bully, and God help us, a liar.

People aren't buying it. People are standing up and speaking out and Obama's (Saul Alinky's) response is to diminish, discount, and ridicule the people who do not agree with him. He goes on as if everyone agrees with him, a political "fake it till you make it" kind of game. But I am seeing hope. And I am feeling immense pride in all those people who are getting in the faces of their congress people and senators and fighting for what they believe in.

It saddens me that this country is more divided than ever before. But the changes Obama is trying to enact are next to impossible to take back when people realize how bad it all really is. Liberty is what this country is supposed to be about and liberty is what the American people are fighting for. I'll be damned if I'll let this president take that away from me.


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