Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crazier and crazier

Seems things have gone from crazy to insane. We have citizens going to town hall meetings and Democrats denying that these are just average folks, apparently we are to believe that either Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity sent every single one of them. Probably told them what to say and designed the signs for the people protesting outside.

This seems to be Obama's modes operandi. Don't address the issues, slam the people opposing him. Or - deny, deny, deny. President Obama scoffs at the idea that he is for a single payor healthcare plan. Yet there is video of him saying that is preci
sely what he wants.

Congress is out for the August summer recess. During this time many members of congress go back to their homes and hold "town hall" meetings to address issues with their constituents. So far these town halls have had unexpected consequences and many of our congressmen and ladies are not liking it. If they are planning to vote for the healthcare bill as it stands now, they are being aggressively questioned and not let off the hook with pat government talking points.

People are angry.

Now several congress-people have decided to back out of town halls totally, and some have retreated behind the safety of the telephone and are doing town halls where they get to pick the questions they answer. There will be no face to face, no surprises and no anger they will have to deal with. How convenient.

Why aren't they paying attention to the reasons behind the anger? Why are they pushing legislation down our throats that will very likely get them voted out of office in the next election? Are they really that self-important that they believe t
hey know what is best for us? Apparently they are.

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