Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy and other things.

So yes, Ted Kennedy has died. I have very mixed emotions about the event, obviously it's very
sad for his family and those who loved him. When he was younger he was a rogue and a drinker, plunging headlong into whatever it was he chose to do. Unfortunately that cost a young woman her life, because she happened to accept a ride from Ted. MaryJo Kopechne. I hope I spelled that right. And while Ted Kennedy fought like hell to do good things - he simply could not get beyond the magnitude of bad judgement and cowardice he displayed that night.

By all accounts Ted was charming and witty and had a wonderfully huge and giving heart. But still - and this is where I wince a bit - his views on everything, and I mean everything he believed in and fought for politically was the polar opposite of what I believe. He wanted to give everybody everything, with no strings attached. He believed in some kind of perfect utopia. But zanado doesn't exist, people have to work for what they have to appreciate it, to simply provide, provide, provide - takes away people's dignity. Demeans them. But he always meant well. That's why I have the mixed feelings. He fought so hard for so much and he believed in everything so stongly. But - I simply believe he was usually wrong.

The other things . . I don't get home from work early enough to see Glenn Beck. I don't have Tivo or any of those new ways of watching TV so last night I decided to set my VCR (yes, VHS) to tape Glenn Beck so I can watch it when I get home. Wouldn't you know, it rained and rained and my power went out so nothing taped today. I've reset it and hopefully I will catch tomorrows show.

Glenn is a smart guy, he has uncovered truths about many of the people who have been slipped into the White House who have all kinds of radical beliefs and ties. The are Czars, or officers, or administrators, not one of them has to be appointed and go through the approval process through Congress. And Obama has more Czars, specifically, than any other president. Ever. You just have to wonder after a while if some of these people, like the car Czar who knows nothing about cars, are being strategically placed through out the government to slowly start dismantling our government as we know it, from the inside out.

It's a scary thought and it may be out there - but what the hell is going on? Why is Obama making friends with our enemies, and enemies out of our friends? Why is he making it impossible to keep our intelligence members safe and effective by investigating them and tying their hands on what they can do to acquire intelligence for the CIA - for our armed services, to protect the American people?

Because I don't see anything he is doing that will make our country, our economy and our populace stronger. He's not doing that. So what IS he doing???

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