Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes it just makes you tired.

I feel bad somehow, like I should feel guilty saying it but I just don't like President Obama. I believe he is a narcissist who puts himself above the average American which is why he has no problem with these protests. He still knows whats best for us. Once a week The President's Men meet and look at all the polls, what the news papers are saying, what the cable shows and the big networks are saying. And all they are doing with that knowledge is changing their message to sound better or more appealing to the people they are trying to convince. So it's not healthcare reform, it's health insurance reform. My ass. Semantics. There isn't anyone going to the president and saying y'know, maybe we better re-think this. And if someone is saying that to him - he's saying no.

President Obama has an agenda, he might even have his full 4 years planned already, with everything he wants to accomplish with his presidency. It's all about how it will reflect back on him and opposition just doesn't fit into his plan. No time for it. But it's out there and he isn't listening. Instead of listening to people's real fears and answering valid questions, Democrats are discounting these protests as calculated and organized. They are out of their mind! But what they don't see is how they are galvanizing even more people by dismissing the others and insulting the rest of them. Does that make want to stay home and give in? NO.

I always thought that protest was the greatest form of patriotism.

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