Sunday, August 30, 2009



It has become increasingly evident that “We the People” have become negligent in understanding the foundations that this great country of ours was built upon. In doing so, we have let the few abrogate the unalienable freedoms and liberties that were granted to us by our Creator. Those rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

“We The People” are the only ones with whom blame falls upon for the abrogation of our unalienable rights by the few in our Government. We have facilitated this over decades by abdicating the Founding Fathers’ cornerstone of creating a limited government. Once this cornerstone is removed then the structure of freedom and liberty for each citizen is put in perilous jeopardy. Citizens of the United States – Your freedoms and liberties are in perilous jeopardy.

It is my fervent wish, through this post, to remind the citizens of this great United States of America what they have lost and that only they have the power to regain their freedoms, their liberties, yes their very lives back from the few in Government who have sought power and control over “We The People”.

Please go read the rest of this fabulous article at Common Sense From a Common Man.


Anonymous said...

Great post, ma'am!!! I wish I had found you sooner.

It strikes me that the longer we the people wait to regain our lost freedoms and repair the damage caused by a bloated and overbearing government, the more painful it will be to do so.

We cannot lose the fruits of American exceptionalism to faithless liberals who don't recognize what it was that made us exceptional to begin with.

Janie Lynn said...

Thanks so much! I am afraid that too many people are equating freedom with not having to pay for anything, letting the government take care of them.

If only they understood how dependency removes freedom.