Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please participate

I've mentioned before that I regularly write to my representatives. It's Illinois, I honestly don't have much faith in MY representatives. But I still write. Participate in the process. These people work for us and if you write to the people who directly represent the citizens in your township, village or city, they listen more to you than to outsiders or generic calls to action. Be polite and cordial, but speak the truth. Do not be afraid to tell a personal story. Let them know your feelings in a logical and clear manner. And if you've written then once - feel free to do it again. As long as you are not nasty or threatening, they need to pay attention. They know when the next election is coming up.

You can always call as well, or if convenient - stop by their offices. However you do it please do not miss an opportunity to let yourself be heard!

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