Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why won't they listen?

This is Congressman Mike Rogers from Michigan. How is it that Democrats cannot understand what he is saying? What WE are saying??



The Conservative Lady said...

It's not that they don't "understand" what we're's they "don't care".

Anonymous said...

One of the prereqs for being a ridiculous liberal -- is extreme arrogance. They know what we're saying. Like Conservative Lady said, they don't care .. so that arrogance comes out. But they'll START caring when they're out of a dang job!

Joe said...

Asking, "Why don't they understand..." is missing their point. Their point is: "We DO understand, but we want to control your lives and will do whatever it take to acheive that end."

The real question is, "Why can't more of mainstream America figure out the liberals' mind-set?"

Janie Lynn said...

I know you all are correct. I am surprised on one hand though, because bunches of these liberals are going to be voted out in 201o. 2012 - I thinking we're going to have some repealing to do.