Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's bothering me tonight?


1) The fact that I have been employed by a very large company for over 20 years and have a very good healthcare plan because of it, my insurance premiums are going to go up??

2) 90 some black religious leaders in Chicago are backing Todd Stroger for Cook County President, and are actually suggesting that other black candidates drop out of the race in order to not "split the black vote".

From the Chicago Tribune: "Members of Clergy for a Better Chicagoland said endorsing a single African-American candidate in the primary is an attempt to avert fragmenting black political power."
Given the fact that Cook County covers much more than just the city of Chicago, the black population is not even the majority. Not to mention the fact that if a white coalition of any sort dared to support a candidate on this basis - you would hear the cries of rasicm from here to California and back! And rightly so!

3) Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are still in office.

15 year old kid with 2nd degree burns over 80% of his body over $40.00 and because he called the police when these same KIDS stole his father's bike. WTF???

5) I won't have time to read the new books I received today and had to fight a rather large spider and 2 cats to get into the house, unless I give up time on the Internet. I find it disconcerting to realize how tough it is to break a way for a while.


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The Conservative Lady said...

Definitely take some time to read "Liberty and Tyranny" soon; it terrific. I'm not sure which Glenn Beck book is on the left, but we just bought his new one and I am looking forward to reading it. We have the "Christmas Sweater", but I haven't read that one either. We did go see the show in the movie theater, though.
I lose a lot of time with the blog. I've been fighting to finish "Atlas Shrugs" all summer, but the blog seems to come first.