Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If wishing could make it so

I'm wondering if this public 'states opt out', consumer, competitive, whatever you want to call it option - is a red herring. With all the incredibly opaque closed door meetings on healthcare, I would not be surprised to hear that Harry Reid threw this into the bill so everyone would concentrate on it and consequently be willing to accept anything and everything in the proposed legislation if only that public option was thrown out. Just a thought.

These are some of the people I can only wish would be forced to use the public option were it to be passed in the long awaited healthcare reform bill, resulting in insufficient numbers of physicians, long waits, rationing and a lower standard of care for millions of Americans who are already quite happy with their health insurance.

Not a complete list, obviously. Who would you throw under that healthcare bus?


Anonymous said...

I'd probably wait for a bus big enough to accommodate them all - throw them all under it at once. With even one of these ridiculous hacks left standing politically ... we're in a lot of trouble.

I'm sure all of these knee-jerkers would be surprised at how many people would have health insurance ... if only they had a JOB!

How ridiculous does the landscape have to get before these hacks figure out what their priorities should be?

Janie Lynn said...

..oh yeah - there are a lot more I'd like to throw under it, but this is the group that have annoyed me lately.

I would just like them to have to use what they are proposing for us now. And it's a never-ending frustration that Dick Durbin thinks he IS Illinois. To hell with what his constituents want.

Joe said...

What a bunch of immoral thugs. Why any of them is still at large is beyond me. They should be imprisoned and the key thrown away.